Library Loot Wednesday

I spoke of Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book and A Boy Named Shel in last Thursday’s book review, but I also picked up His Hideous Heart: thirteen of Edgar Allan Poe’s Most Unsettling Tales Reimagined. It’s one of my planned Fall spooky reads, and is especially timely because we’re going to the Poe Festival this Saturday, October 5th! Living in Baltimore, we have all kinds of Poe things, and I’m excited about the festival. I’ll try to take lots of pictures!

3 thoughts on “Library Loot Wednesday

    • LOL. He was a local author, and he’s buried here. Baltimore loves Poe. (it’s why our NFL team is the Ravens!) I have a post somewhere waaaaaay back in my archives with photos of his grave and the graveyard. I’ll link to it in Sunday’s post about the festival!

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