Library Loot Wednesday

gentleman's guide to vice and virtueI picked up a couple of books for Pride Month this week – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, which I’ve seen rave reviews about, and Ellen DeGeneres’ third book, Seriously….I’m Kidding. I haven’t actually read her other two!

hero at the fallI had one other hold come in, the third in the Rebel of the Sands trilogy, Hero at the Fall. So I’m excited to finish that!

My husband spotted a book on the stacks (I bizarre romancekind of purposefully wasn’t looking, I have enough to read already!) that was intriguing enough to take with us. It’s called Bizarre Romance, and it’s a collaboration between a married writer and artist – thirteen stories about “oddballs in love.” Some of the stories are prose and some of them are comics, so it should be a fairly quick read.

That’s all I picked up this week, another small week. I’m starting to make some headway on my library books!

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