Sunday Stuff

Sorry guys, I’ve been in a reading (and writing) slump lately. I’m working my way slowly through a nonfiction book on climate change, and books from the library are starting to pile up – and I just haven’t been reading much. I did finish Rin Chupeco’s The Shadowglass, the conclusion to The Bone Witch trilogy, so I’ll be writing about that soon, and I should also actually review the first two books in the Greywalker series (the second of which I used in the Friday 56 the other day).

But blargh. It doesn’t help that summer has hit, and our office is the warmest room in the house, so I haven’t wanted to spend much time up here writing. I’m hoping to get a laptop in a month or two, so I won’t have to be up in the warm office.

I have been doing a lot of research for our upcoming trip to Toronto – we’re actually taking a real vacation for our wedding anniversary this year, and I’ll be leaving the country for the first time since I was a very small child. (I can only vaguely remember a trip to the west coast of Canada.) So that’s exciting. And I’ve been given my husband’s blessing to go full Amy and make a binder with all the information I dig up on places to go and hotels we’re staying at and routes we’re driving! So that’s fun.

We’re also going to the Arbutus Arts Festival today, a gathering of food and vendors and entertainment that’s been going on for almost fifty years, every third Sunday in May. I can’t wait to see what sorts of things they have!

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