Sunday Stuff

I have been really glad to have a backlog of scheduled posts this week, because my back has been A MESS. I went to the chiropractor on Friday, on the advice of my doctor, and that definitely seems to have helped. I’m not totally better yet, but I’m seeing the chiropractor again tomorrow, so hopefully I will continue to improve!

I did have a few bright spots this week – I picked my books for Book of the Month, and my Illumicrate box arrived! I should start doing an unboxing post now that I’ve decided to keep that subscription; this month is my third box. The first box had a book called The Orphanage of Gods, which I still haven’t actually read. My second box had Once & Future in it, which made me really happy, and this month’s box had Descendant of the Crane! Illumicrate likes to be coy about what book is in the box; they’ll mention the plot briefly but they almost never give up the titles. So I knew I was getting Once & Future last month, because I recognized what they said about the plot. I had no idea I was getting Descendant of the Crane this month though, so that was pretty awesome. All of the books from Illumicrate have gorgeous sprayed edges, which I adore. June’s box should have two books, one of which is going to have rainbow sprayed edges. I can’t wait!

For Book of the Month, I got to pick The Bride Test, the sequel to The Kiss Quotient, which I received through Book of the Month last year. Like The Kiss Quotient, it also has an autistic main character! In addition, since it’s my birthday this month (next Sunday!) I got to pick an extra book. I’ve heard a lot about The Library Book, so I added that to my box. You know I love reading books about books!

In addition to that, yesterday was the birthday party of one of my dear friends, so I got to go over and play board games and eat delicious lasagna. (My husband made her homemade lasagna for her birthday, and he made me a special gluten- and nightshade-free one!)

Sunday Stuff

I can’t keep up with all the things going on this month! It’s Autism Acceptance/Pride Month, and I have two books for that (The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily and White Stag). There’s also an Ace-spec April reading challenge going on, and while I’ve read a lot of asexual-spectrum books in the past, the only one I have on deck for this month is All Out, and that’s kind of an accident because it’s an anthology of stories. (Previously, though, I’ve read What If It’s Us, Black Wings Beating, Dread Nation, The Spy With the Red Balloon, Summer Bird Blue, and The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy.) I’m also continuing the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, with Unmarriageable last week, and The Bird King and Empire of Sand coming up.

I wish I had more lined up for Ace-spec April and Autism Acceptance Month, but to be honest I kind of forgot about them and I already have stacks of library books to read! I’m planning ahead for June, though, and June will be a month of queer book reviews. I’m really looking forward to it!

Edit: I realized Once & Future also counts for Ace-Spec April – one of the knights is ace. My review will be up on Saturday!

Sunday Stuff

Well, things have calmed down somewhat, and after getting most of our stuff unpacked, my husband and I have agreed to take a few weeks off to relax before tackling the upstairs rooms. So I’ve been able to get back to reading!

The husband is also getting some reading time in, and while we share some interests, one thing I haven’t been able to give him any recommendations on his hard sci-fi. Specifically, military sci-fi. So if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Sunday Stuff

Well, I’ve updated a few site pages – added some books to the polyamory list that are on my radar but unread, changed a bit on my About Me page, and some general formatting updates elsewhere. I haven’t had time to sit down and dive into the new tools available to me since upgrading my WordPress account, but that will be soon. I have managed to post almost every day this last week, and I have a few posts scheduled this coming week already. I’m well on my way to posting every day again!

I still have a lot to unpack in the house – mostly books, but I think we need to replace our bookshelves. They were the cheap ones from Target, and they…didn’t survive the move well. They’re kind of rickety now. So most of the books may stay in boxes until we can buy new shelves. I’m still on the lookout for a shelf to complete my reading nook; I want one that is visually interesting, and I just haven’t quite found THE ONE yet.

I’ll try to take some pictures of the house to post next Sunday! Our housewarming party is on Saturday, actually, so I’ll be pretty busy this week trying to get a few last things done in the main living areas before everyone comes over!

Today we turn our last house’s keys in to our landlady, so we are OFFICIALLY DONE with that place. No more getting stuff, no more cleaning, no more dealing with roommates. DONE. That’s a huge relief!

Now I just have to finish putting this place together!

Sunday Stuff – Oh What A Chaotic Week It’s Been!

Today marks one week since our big moving day! A bunch of our friends came over and helped us move all our furniture and the vast majority of our stuff. In the last week we’ve made a few car trips back to the old house (it’s only about ten minutes away) to get little stuff that we hadn’t packed yet or that just didn’t pack well. (Like all my plants!)

In the past week we’ve been putting furniture together, unpacking boxes, puzzling the kitchen together, and dealing with new stuff like getting our propane tanks filled. We’ve never had propane heat before, so that was different! We’ve ordered and put up curtains, ordered and had installed a new washer and dryer (and OH they’re sexy!) and celebrated having a dishwasher again.

I’m also making a list of projects we want to do to the house eventually. Yes, already! We want to build a deck, and get a hot tub, and extend the driveway along the house and eventually have a garage built.

We actually went to the Maryland Home & Garden show yesterday to get ideas and references for those things! We have two solar companies scheduled to give us quotes on solar panels, which is something we’ve always wanted to do, an arborist should be calling us to set up an appointment to evaluate our trees, and we have lots of brochures and business cards for other projects. There was a company there with saltwater hot tubs that I am VERY interested in.

So amid all the flurry of moving, I have snuck in a little bit of reading. I managed to finish The Kingdom of Copper, and I will have that review up sometime this week. I’m about two-thirds done with Autism in Heels, so that one should be up soon as well. I won’t be back to every day posts for a little bit, but I plan to be posting every day by April at the latest. I also got a library card for my new county library system! The library branch closest to us is a LOT bigger than my last local branch, though I’m not convinced this county’s inventory is actually better.

HOUSEI LOVE MY NEW HOUSE FOLKS. It’s so awesome. And QUIET. We’re on the end of a long, quiet street. We have a corner lot, so lots of street parking – it’s just amazing. I can’t wait to be totally unpacked so I can get back to blogging! I’ll have to do a post about my reading nook when I finish it, too. 🙂

I’ve also upgraded the blog on WordPress, so I have a few new tools that I need to explore soon.

I’m excited to get fully unpacked and settled into our new house, and I’m excited to get back to regular posting on the blog. I’m probably mostly excited to get back to reading again!

Sunday Stuff

Kitty knows it’s a lazy Sunday!

So I did warn you all that there might be some gaps coming up between posts – and yeah, that’s going to start this week. I just haven’t been reading enough as we start the moving process, and we haven’t even really gotten into the thick of it yet! We’ll be really starting to pack around the 8th or 9th. Currently we’re going through things, donating things, throwing things away, and just generally organizing and sorting through our belongings.

I’m hoping to get a lot of reading done this week to pad out my posts a bit, but I’m still going to have a bunch of gaps. My review for A Blade So Black is going live tomorrow, but I don’t have a Top Ten Tuesday this week. The theme is “Books you’re on the fence about reading” and I don’t usually have books like that. I’m either uninterested or “YES I WANT THAT” so I’m skipping this week.

There should still be, at the very least, a Library Loot Wednesday, a Friday 56, and at least one review each week. I’ll try to have as few gaps as possible, but it’s going to be unavoidable some days.

Oh, but I CAN’T WAIT to move into this house. I’m SO EXCITED.