TTT: Favorite Couples

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. She has a linkup on her page with everyone who’s participating, if you want more fantastic couples! This week’s topic is “Favorite Couples.” Since we had “Favorite Platonic Relationships” not too long ago, I stuck with your typical romantic definition of couple.

First off, we have Teo and Cielo (nb/nb) from The Brilliant Death. Both shapeshifting witches who play with gender and together make an amazing couple.

Two of the couples from Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom make this list – Kaz/Inej (m/f) and Jasper/Wylan (m/m). Love them both. I love how devoted the entire group is to each other, but especially Kaz with Inej.

Percy and Monty (m/m) from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue are an amazing, smartass pair that I love.

The romance between Vika Andreyeva and Nikolai Karimov (f/m) of The Crown’s Game and The Crown’s Fate tore my heart out.

The central couple from The Wrong Stars and The Dreaming Stars, Captain Callie Machedo and Elena, are precious and I love them. They’re also both bisexual women, with Callie being demisexual.

In Starless, we have a nonbinary bodyguard falling in love with their charge, the princess. (nb/f) I love how the princess is understanding of her bodyguard’s confusion about their gender, and doesn’t judge how her bodyguard chooses to present.

Another favorite couple is Anna and Charles from Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series. I love seeing how Anna’s confidence has developed through the series. (f/m)

I can’t write about my favorite literary couples without mentioning Benedict and Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing. They are my favorite characters in my favorite Shakespeare play, and the banter between them and from them about each other is some of the best wordplay I have ever read.

I know that’s only nine, but I can’t think of a tenth that I love as much as these.

8 thoughts on “TTT: Favorite Couples

  1. Great list! The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue made my list this week, too, and I adore Kaz and Inej. I’m planning to pick up The Brilliant Death really soon so I’m glad to hear the romance in it is good, and The Crown’s Game is another book I’d like to read at some point. I’ve owned a copy of The Wrong Stars for ages and I had no idea it has a demisexual character! I need to get to that one soon, I haven’t met a single character in fiction who identifies as demisexual yet, and Starless is going straight on my TBR. The princess and the bodyguard is one of my favourite tropes.

    • The Wrong Stars has SO MUCH diversity in it. It’s really good. I really enjoyed Starless, too. It’s a great epic fantasy adventure, and while the romance is the two primary characters, it’s not the driver of the plot. More demisexual characters can be found in Katherine Locke’s work, specifically The Spy with the Red Balloon.

  2. Great list. I STILL haven’t read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue but really want to. Hoping my local library gets a copy shortly…

    Nice to see I’m not the only person to mention Beatrice and Benedict!

  3. I rarely come across a book where I just love every single one of the main characters but the Six of Crows duology is one of those. The pairings are pretty much all perfection!

  4. I also loved Percy and Monty! And I confess I didn’t even try to do my top couples post… just did one of the older topics I’d missed. But I was rooting so hard for Kestrel and Arin in the Winner’s Curse series by Marie Rutkoski!

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